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The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

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The Oriental Pearl TV Tower
The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Location: bank of Shanghai Huangpu River, and Lujiazui's Financial and Trade Zone.

Start time: July 30, 1991

Completion Date: October 1st, 1994

Height: 350 meters high for its main structure and 468 meters for its tower.

Functions: observation, meeting, exhibition, dining, shopping, amusement, accommodation, radio and television signal transmission

Designer: Jiang Huancheng, Ouyang Feng.

Brief introduction:

With a height of 468 meters, the Oriental Pearl Tower ranks the second in Asia and the fourth in the world in height, merely behind Guangzhou New TV Tower, Canada's Toronto TV Tower and Moscow's Ostankino Television Tower. Although replaced by World Financial Centre as the tallest building of Shanghai, Oriental Pearl Tower is still standing erectly among those modern buildings complex in the Lujiazui area. Located in Pudong New Area and facing a row of buildings of variegated Western architectures in the Bund across the river, it has become the landmark of Shanghai just like the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, and Eiffel Tower in Paris. With Nanpu and Huangpu Bridge on its left and right side respectively, it looks like two dragons playing with a pearl. Together with the newly constructed Jinmao Tower and World Financial Centre, they reflect spectacular scenery of this international metropolis. The Oriental Pearl Tower has complex functions of observation, catering, shopping, entertainment, Huangpu River touring, meeting and exhibition, history display, travel agent, etc. All of these make it one of Shanghai's representative buildings and scenic spots. Now, it ranks the second only to France's Eiffel Tower in terms of touring population and revenue, numbering among world renowned tourist attractions.

Depending on its high-speed elevator shuttling among three nine meters giant pillars and the world's first 360 degree completely transparent three-track sightseeing elevator, the Oriental Pearl Tower gives every tourist a feeling of enjoying the endless vista brought by modern technology. With great fantasy, the designer make 11 different sized spheres scattered high and low fallowing from the blue sky to the green lawn. Highly propped up by two huge ruby-like eye-catching balls, the Oriental Pearl Tower creates an atmosphere of pearls, small and large, falling into a jade plate. In February 1994, the former president Jiang Zemin gave the title "Oriental Pearl Broadcasting & TV Tower" to the tower.

Ranking the second in Asia and the third in the world in the TV tower family, the Oriental Pearl Tower is the one merely next to Canada's Toronto TV Tower and Moscow's Ostankino Television Tower. The tower is mainly composed of 3 gigantic columns, lower sphere, upper sphere, five small spheres, the pedestal and the square.

The world renowned air revolving restaurant is placed on the 267 meters high up sphere. It wins a good reputation for its unique viewing advantage, fantastic cooking culture, and warm service making guests feel at home.

Standing on the tower and having a bird-eye look of Shanghai, you will feel that the whole city looks just like building blocks made arena by some architects whose wisdom are undoubtedly amazing. The city extends the height of human being and brings them together. This land constructed with steel rods and cement is destroying our surviving environment while protecting us.


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